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Heavily modified suicide Fiesta

The humble Fiesta is a popular project and we see loads of modified examples around. Most of the modifications comprise a massive exhaust, a super loud induction kit and loads of stickers down the door plus a sunstrip with the drivers name on it. So when a heavily modified Fiesta like this one comes along it makes a refreshing change. The bodywork is a masterpiece and features suicide doors, ultra low sills, flared arches and smoothed boot and bumpers. We presume the car is on hydraulic suspension. Work has not stopped on the outside, inside you can see the retrimmed dash, custom steering wheel and some lovely race seats with proper harness.

Most drivers want the wheels to fill the arches, this owner shows how it is really done with the wheels sitting right inside the arches and surrounded by bodywork. The chrome 5 spoke wheels look stunning and really finish off this awesome Fiesta project nicely.

This is the ultimate in a smoothed euro look rear. The lights, number plate surrounds and everything have been removed giving a lovely smooth look.

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