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Wide body Fiesta

One thing that guarantees a car looks sporty and agressive is a tasteful wide body kit. This Sporty Fiesta sports 4 inch flared arches and it has been very professionally smoothed into the rear bumper and sills. Black is also probably the best colour for this car and the owner has opted to go for a stunning red highlight colour. The front bumper is far from standard with lots of vents and angular lines and the grill has a red highlight around it. The only improvement we would suggest, and this is subjective is to remove the Ford badges and reduce the gap around the wheels with larger alloys and a drop of about 30mm at the front.

2 thoughts on “Wide body Fiesta

  1. what bodykit is this??
    i have the same fiesta in candy white but the body kit doesnt do it justice and id love to get me hands on this one


  2. hello do you have a mk3 wide arch kit or do you no anywhere i would get 1 thanks paul from ireland and im looking for a full kit thanks sorry for a mk3 fiesta thanks

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