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Saxo wide bodykits with chrome rims

Due to its diminutive site and relatively potent engines the Saxo is a popular first car and good candidate for a tuning or styling project. This photo shows a work in progress with a primed bodykit on a Citroen saxo ready for painting. The flared arches and extended sills are somewhat unusual and there are not many wide bodied Saxo’s doing the show circuit. We assume that this is a custom build due to the rarity of wide body saxo styling kits around – if you know otherwise let us know via the comments box below. The wider arches allow the fitting of wider wheel without the inherent problem of rubbing. This car has a tasetful set of chrome alloys fitted and we can’t wait to see the finished car after painting. The headlights have also been upgraded. After the final painting there will be some trim applied below the headlights and the holes at the front will be filled in with a mesh of some description.

3 thoughts on “Saxo wide bodykits with chrome rims

  1. The car above is owned by myself and body work has all been finished on the car now and has been finished in candy green with black bonnet and rear spoiler, interior should be finished within the next month or so.

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