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Peugeot 206 with black vinyl bonnet & Lambo door kit


You’ve seen painted bonnets, carbon fibre bonnets and fibreglass bonnets. We present a vinyl bonnet now. We remember the vinyl roofs of cars from the 80’s and it would appear that we are about to see a revival of them now! This black vinyl has a leather like look and feel up close.

The bodykit has been cleverly moulded to fit the car and we guess it started out as a veil side kit from an S2000 or similar. The wide arches are very nicely blended in and you can also make out the stunningly cool lambo doors.

The interior of this car is even more impressive than the outside, last week we looked at the crazy ICE install and we will in the near future be taking a peek inside at the pristine almost sci fi interior.

1 thought on “Peugeot 206 with black vinyl bonnet & Lambo door kit

  1. please send me a catalogue for peugeot 206 or give me any site you know i want to give my 26 a new look 5 door

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