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Citroen Saxo with Snakeskin

This crazy Citroen Saxo was the creation of DBOY from X2C. A lot of time money and effort went into this show winning car. The body work was done by xquisite automotive and the interior and exterior make over was produced by D Class.

Snakeskin was used as this does not shrink or crack like leather. The snakeskin has been stitched onto the cars panels.

The ICE install was provided by sound secure. They also supplied and setup the Rayvern Hydraulic suspension.

Aggressive bodykit which has been smoothed
The wingmirrors open the doors
Welded aluminium bad boy bonnet The dash and interior is a complete custom build.
Headlights fitted with halogen bulbs with black surround
Rear lights are LEDs with black surrounds
Custom wide arches – to allow 20inch alloys to be fitted.
Custom suicide door conversion
Dakota Dials tell the driver the latest news on fuel, oil, water temp, revs (Digital readout) and voltmeter.

ICE Install
Head unit by Pioneer with discrete ipod holder and cable
2 12inch subs with 2 amps built into the rear seats (Keeps the passengers warm!)
2 Alpine speakers in custom door cards and no less than 5 LCD Tv screens.

The huge Nitrous bottle is really just there for show and is wired up to some foggers.
Power wise there is not a great deal done to this car other than an induction kit and 5inch backbox. Other than that this is a standard 2001 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6.

15 thoughts on “Citroen Saxo with Snakeskin

  1. awesome car most modified saxo’s are the same but this is a 1 off.brilliant car

  2. The biggest waste of money, EVER!
    I appreciate the time money and skill involved, but you have to ask yourself, why?

  3. coz he can, since when do you need a reason to push the artistic boundries into the car world

  4. was this planned out on paper first? attention to detail a bit off – things aren’t fitting flush. paint scheme terrible! 🙁 pushing the boundaries for the sake of pushing the boundaries is not artistic.

  5. this is the stupidest thing i have EVERRRR seen.. is this guy on drugs or something? hes failed man

  6. This Car Looks Amazing To Be Fair. And What Is Wrong With Spending Money On Saxos There Good Little Cars. This Is Definatley a One Off I Would Love To Drive It .

  7. Hi, i was wondering whether anyone knows where i can find an aluminium bonnet for my Saxo VTS? I wish to change my heavy iron bonnet to an aluminium one! The weight loss would help a lot in hillclimb racing!
    I would appreciate any help on this matter!

  8. wtf u guys dis car is amazing i have a just bought a white saxo for my new project and i defo need 2 make my saxo as good as this becoz that is sweeeet!!!

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