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Ascari A10 custom stickers and paint

Another of the stunning GumBall 3000 cars, this Yellow and Deep blue Ascari A10. With the addition of stickers and use of high contrasting yellow paint on the mirrors and front splitter the owner has created a stunning custome example of this superb sports car. Who says Britain can’t produce stunning sports cars. The KZ1 was revisted by the Ascari designers to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the company and the A10 was born. It runs a powerful 5litre BMW V8 and manages to give the driver over 600bhp of usable power. The suspension has been tweaked along with the bodywork but the ZK1 underpinnings remain in the form of the Carbon Fibre chassis. A real racecar created by an ex F1 designer shows what is possible in the world of car innovation.

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