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Vinyl wrapped Nissan Skyline

A stunning vinyl wrap on a Nissan Skyline. The wrap gives the car a matt carbon fibre finish and the graphics look absolutely stunning. Various components have been used to create the graphics including a colourful rev counter, tyre tracks, rising sun and various sponsor stickers and graphics. The big plus of a complete car wrap is that the cars paintwork is protected. Wraps generally cost less that a full respray and is a lot more effective visually. We have to admit that we are not big fans of the triple spoke alloys but the car still looks stuning overall.

Please see the full gallery of pics for this car to get the full effect.

1 thought on “Vinyl wrapped Nissan Skyline

  1. Cool graphics, love the website. One question, what color green is that painted on the car you posted back on April 15, 2008?

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