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Custom vinyl car stickers


Custom Manga, cut vinyl stickers on a Toyota. These stickers are strips of vinyl cut and stuck down on the bodywork. With so many stickers around we though we would feature a rather rare method – the cut vinyl car stickers.This limits you to a restricted pallette of solid colours and there are visible overlap seams but it gives a very distinctive look – especially when there are so many full colour vinyl wraps around. This takes a long time to do and is very unforgiving if you get it wrong. The door stickers feature a Manga Style design wheras the bonnet is reminiscients of a Batman comic.


1 thought on “Custom vinyl car stickers

  1. I love your car it’s outstanding, I have a 2004 Mercury Sable I am customizing the inside my theme is Fate Stay Night so far I have a customized license plate made for the front of my car it’s light purple with 3 crosses and lightning bolts in the back ground I have the words Fate Stay Night in graved on it in white also on the top of my wind shield I have the word Noble Phantasm so far, Now the only thing I need is to find a place that makes specialty anime vinyl decals and seat covers I will also have fate Stay Night throw pillow on the back seats as well ? do you know a place that makes specialized anime decals and seat covers if so can you please let me know.

    P.s I will be changing the license plate in the back it’s going to say Geneon

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