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Custom momo steering wheel

After a car has covered around 70000 miles the steering wheel can start to look rather shabby. After market steering wheels are clearly the answer. Today we feature this realtively standard intererior to show how much difference a nice MOMO steering wheel can make. The horn has been relocated to the center of the wheel under the button.  Most aftermarket steering wheels do come with a kit which adapts the steering column to fit the stud/bolt pattern of the wheel. Some after market kits can look really cheap and tacky.

One drawback with aftermarket steering wheels is that they do not come with air bags, now pretty much standard. If you want to retain an airbag then your choice is pretty much limited to the steering wheels on offer from your manufacturer in their sporty models. Most of these would be a direct fit and the airbag would usually be compatible. A trip to a breakers yard will usually yield a suitable donor wheel and you may also want to get it retrimmed or recovered while you are at it.

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