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Green and black interior styling

It’s good to be different especially when it comes tot eh interior of your car. This owner has gone for a striking green and black colour scheme. The door cards have been retrimmed with black fabric, all interior plastic trims have been given a respray to match the exterior colour of the car. The interior is finished with a black and green trimmed leather seats. We would like to see a nicer steering wheel as the current one pictured looks rather bland and boring but at least the insect like gearknob shows an attention to detail.

1 thought on “Green and black interior styling

  1. I own a really wussy car… its a kia rio hatchback metallic silver in colour with standard black interior , but im taking steps to go black and green interior… so far i have green neons under the dash, the interior lights are green, and i have green windshield wiper blades but i will be painting the dash shortly and making custom seat covers to go with… Has anyone done up a kia rio hatchback before can you show me some pics?

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