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White leather sports seats for a Peugeot 206

These are a set of high quality car seats with a nice leather covering. They are made from white leather so are pretty hard to keep clean, I understand that this owner has now removed the leather seats and replaced them with some carbon fibre ones.

You have a wide range of aftermarket front seats available but you will find it hard to get rear seats. The rears are very car specific and need to match the width and split folding seats as well as the seatbelt anchorage points. You can always get your rear seats recovered to match – or remove them altogether and get a decent ICE install instead.

3 thoughts on “White leather sports seats for a Peugeot 206

  1. The white cobra seats are beautiful. I was woundering who did the work on them. I have a red 87 mustang gt convertible with a white top and white leather interrior. The seats are shot and was thinking about going with some white racing seats. I havent found any untell i saw this picture. I’m in love with this style. Just was woundering if you could let me know who did the work or where they just custom orederd. Also what modle is this seat.

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