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Saxo rear lights and smoothing

This photo shows a Citroen Saxo with an aftermarket rear light upgrade which has had the euro smoothed treatment. The 6 lights are individually located in the boot lid rather than within a single light cluster.

The whole of the rear boot lid has been smoothed allowing the lights to seamlessly blend into the bodywork of the car. Incidentally this is one of the nicest paint jobs we have seen on the show circuit. A red/orange flip effect fades to black making this a very stylish Citroen Saxo.

4 thoughts on “Saxo rear lights and smoothing

  1. the lights are fitted directly to the bootlid so the lights lift up with the boot rather than being stuck to the car body.. you can see the seem on the side of the car where the lights would normaly end..

    and loving the colour.. thinking of doing something similar with mine.. altho mines still at the drawing board. lol 🙂

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