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Calibra air suspension and full bodykit

This Calibra has a very comprehensive bodykit with some very nice alloy wheels. The problem with fitting nice alloys is that you also want the car to be lowered and this play havock with speed bumps. The solution lies in air suspension.

With a  control switch inside the car you can change the ride height from a wheel arch rubbing drop of 53mm to a vertigo inducing rise of 90 mm. Air suspension also smooths out the ride and gives more comfort but it does impair the handling characteristics of the car. An alternative to air suspension is hydraulic suspension, with the best USA kits you can make the car jump and hop into the air.

You can see the graceful air suspension in operation in this YouTube video

2 thoughts on “Calibra air suspension and full bodykit

  1. I like calibra. I want buy the air suspention. Where can buy the air suspension. Thank you. Best regards. Luciano.

  2. I guess this air suspension will set me free to ride low on dis rough streets in nigeria. i’ll like tu know how much it costs and where i can buy it?

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