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Bad Boy – Rover 220 coupe

A Rover 220 coupe with a bad boy bonnet, full body kit and afterburner rear lights which have been blended into the surrounding bodywork.

Much of this work has been carried out by Moto-Build and the car has a pearlescent effect paint finish with a bluish hue in certain lights.

5 thoughts on “Bad Boy – Rover 220 coupe

  1. that car is awsome i have a rover coupe please please please send me some details of how you did this because i cant find anything for my car please please

  2. Hi there, this is my old car, witch i built in 2004.

    Just to let you know motobuild didn’t build this car thay just suplied the kit and as mine was the first coupe with the preditor 2 kit on it thay gave me a nice dicount.
    All the bodywork was done by CKN Panelcraft in croydon, this includes the one off bonit and and spoiler.

    But thanks for the nice coments.


  3. hi, does any one know where i can get that spoiler from, ive looked every where but i still cant find it, just inbox me on facebook, my name is nelson milho,

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