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Eclipse square steering wheel

This is a replica of the Fast and Furious eclipse used in the second movie. The steering wheel is of particular interest as it has an usual shape. It is actually quite easy to use and the contours are nicely moulded to fit the hands. The 2 red buttons trigger the NOS, in this instance one is wired up to activat ehte car horn. The whole dashboard has been retrimmed and additional dials have been added. You will also spot some additional screens, all of which must only be activate when the handbrake is on due to traffic legislation.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse square steering wheel

  1. Hello.

    The steeringwheels above from the Mitsubishi Spyder is it possible to buy anywhere???
    Thats really cool and its the only thing i really want to buy.

  2. I’m in the same position. I am basically swapping out all of the factory installed parts in my car, and I was also wondering if anyone would know where I could go to buy this steering wheel? If so then please post.

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