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Rover 200 1.8 Orange engine cover


Rover 200 Bubble shape with orange engine cover. The engine cover has been lacquered and you need to be careful that you use heat resistant paint as the engine heads typically get very hot.The entire engine cover is sprayed with a metallic orange paint and a chrome MOTO-Build badge has been added. This Rover had the 1.8 engine fitted with an add on turbo charger unit set to low boost. You will also note the oil filler cover has been finished in Chrome with the moto build logo on it. I’m not sure if this is the 1.8 VVC engine or just a 1.8 block?

1 thought on “Rover 200 1.8 Orange engine cover

  1. That isn’t a 1.8vvc. No VVC manifold and certainly no right hand engine cambet as there is a distributor where that should be. On the VVC there isn’t a distributor but coil packs instead on the back of the engine.
    It may well be a standard 1.8 K series and can not see the turbo to varify that.

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