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Another stylish Nissan Skyline

here we have yet another Stylish Nissan Skyline. The Car sports a full bodykit and carbon fibre bonnet. Nismo and various other stickers have been applied to the car and the bonnet has 2 catches at either side. The front bumper has a built in front splitter with some side vents. The alloy wheels are interesting ebing black with red rims, a good combination on any car and the perfect choice for a white Nissan Skyline.

Skyline bodykit
A closer view of the front of this Nissan Skyline so you can appreciate the front bumper and alloy wheels.

One thought on “Another stylish Nissan Skyline

  1. Has anyone seen the bumper lip on this car before? I really want it for my r33 but I cant seem to find it anywhere.

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