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Nissan skyline GTR styling

The Nissan Skyline is a pretty good looking car to start with. Change the front bumper for something a little more open and with more vents to allow better engine and intake Cooling. The wide open front also allows the front mounted intercooler to be seen and be more effective, althought without a mesh it can be damaged by stone chips easily. At least we have a bit of mesh behind the GTR grill. We have to wonder though what this owner was thinking sticking on those amber indicator lenses, they really don’t do much to enhance the look of this otherwise nicely finished car. Replace the indicators with smokes or clear lenses and you will have a winning formula.car7312
A wider shot shows the detail of the side bodykit and the front splitter incorporated into the front bumper. Remember the rainbow wheels we featured the other day? Well here they are and what better could you put them on. They fill the arches nicely andgo well with the rest of the car.

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