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Vauxhall Astra Alloys and flared arches.

If pink is not your thing then you should look away now. This astra has been fitted with a flared arch kit to give a wide body look. This pink Astra shows what can be achieved on a more modest budget. (We talking about a budget much lower than the 20,000 spent on many show cars!)The super shiny 10 spoke alloy wheels look good as do the crystal rear Lexus light cluters. To aid clearance with such a large wheel size an ultra low profile tyre has been fitted. Grip wise this is better but you will get some road noise from this setup and larger wheels always affect the handling. The picture only just shows the large bore Astra exhaust poking out.

8 thoughts on “Vauxhall Astra Alloys and flared arches.

  1. i want this car !! ive bin lookin 4 a vauxhall astra n got 1 but want it sprayed pink exactly lik that 1 u got 4 a show car ! x..x..x..x

  2. who owns this car now???

    I was the one who built this car many years ago 🙂 glad to see its still going 🙂

  3. I was the rroud owner of this one god damn sexy astra..until sadly it got written off :'(

  4. hi…….. i owned this car 4 yrs ago and bought it of 1 of ur other comment ppl calld ricky……. it is a lovely car { is it still around and goin} sammy when did u own it…… i loved this car and did not want 2 get rid of it, but had 2 because of a bigger family, plz plz could some 1 email me bac

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