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Smoothed euro look Polo

This is a great example of a smoothed Euro look Polo. The debadged grill and simple lines look fantastic and make up this popular look. This Polo though is going a bit Gangsta with its deep dish alloy wheels in bling chrome. They go nicely with the headlights and these aftermaket lenses and clear indicators look great against the dark colour of the polo.

The aim in any car styling project is to enhance the original cars lines and keep it looking tidy. Too many people stick on vents and wings or spoilers and then wonder why their car doesn’t get any respect. If you are new to styling and stick to the simple clean Euro Look you will not easily go wrong, although it is possible.

13 thoughts on “Smoothed euro look Polo

  1. I really like the look of this car and am thinking of getting myself a vw polo. Where can i find a euro kit like the one in the pics? And also how much has the car been lowered by? Any help/advice welcomed.


  2. i have a polo exactly the same as this, how much is that one lowered by? an where would i get a body kit like this? price doesnt matter!

  3. it aint a body kit on it, the front and back bumpers are off a polo 6n 1.4 16v model, its just had the front bumper smoothed……also what headlights are they?

  4. That’s a Dietrich ‘clean look’ Front bumper
    Dunno about the headlights or sideskirts or rear bumper

  5. Its a polo 16v so has the bumpers as standard
    its not a Dietrich ‘clean look’ bumper and doesnt have side skirts either. The wheels are schmidt th line I think and cost the earth

  6. this is my boy craigs old polo, its a smothed in 16v front bumper and the lights are FK powerlooks. car is at the lowest height that his coilovers will go, around 100-120mm? and the wheels are schmidt TH lines


  7. Done superb job on this car! I have brought a 16v a few months ago and I am now taking it of the road to get it sprayed. Just wondered if u could tell me how u moved the washers and are they 13”s on this? Last question, who done your interior please?

  8. u orite mate iv got a 1.4 polo with the SE bumpers (same as 16v) bumpers. i wana get the front bumper smoothed off but cant find ne1 who will do a proper job does any1 knw of where i can get mine done? i wana get rid of both bottom vents on both sides n keep the big vent in the middle n remove the number place reece if ne1 can help me drop me a email or a pm on clubpolo cheers all

  9. I love the euro look …got one my self .. Where can I get them seats as ATM I got two front buckets but personally don’t like em …?

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