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White Aston Martin V8 Vantage

The V8 Vantage stamps Aston Martins place as one of the world premier Marques. The rear styling of the Vantage is very Aston Martin, the lights feature the distinctively rotated V with a colour coded insert. A subtle Aston Martin badge takes pride of place in the rear and the lines are all very crisp and clean.Aston Martin were aiming at the 911 when the Vantage was created and the finished product costs £20,000 more than the 911. Most reviewers have been dissapointed at the relatively lacklustre performance on hte Vantage. In its defence we still maintain it is one of the most stunning cars around. It is also easier to live with on a daily basis than a track bred monster. On a track we are sure the 911 will reign supreme but the Vantage has the better sound, the engine and exhaust note are set up perfectly and the interior trim is positively sumptuous. The Vantage may not be the better car on the track but as a status symbol and object d’envy it wins hands down.

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