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The $10,000,000 Ferrari California Spyder

A modern California was released earlier this year following in the footsteps of the original. So we thought we’d track down an original California for posterity. This was no easy task, having checked all of our local supermarket carparks to no avail we found one in the corner of a classic car show. Continue reading The $10,000,000 Ferrari California Spyder

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A look back at the best Car Styling of 2009

A warm welcome to 2010! While the car industry and our banks were heading for meltdown we still managed to bring you some exclusive car pics of the latest and greatest and most influential cars.

Many thanks to our friends at both the members from the forum and the TorqueCars managment team for all of their support and help, we could not have kept this site going without them, their comments, pictures and feedback.

We thought we would take a look back at the very best of car styling in 2009 and see where the car styling trends are going.

Here are 12 of our favourite pics from  the last year with links to the articles they came from. It seemed to be the year of Matt paint and we went supercar mad. So what about in 2010? Next year and due to popular request we will be featuring more great modified cars based on popular production models.



DSC04383 Continue reading A look back at the best Car Styling of 2009