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Yellow supercar styling

This is a stunning car with many details we can get design cues and ideas from. We like the overall shape fo the front, the wing mirrors and the triple headlight lenses within a shaped housing. The front lip of the spoiler has a silver colour applied to it and we see the now obligatory vents in the front. There is however no obvious line where the bonnet would open up, and in a mid mounted supercar this is not necessary but it would have been nice to have easy access to some storage space.

The wheels are reminiscent of those found on Lamborghinis. Rearward visibility is also pretty poor as it is is many supercars but what the heck does it matter when going fast forwards is all you want to do. A large side vent scoops air into the engine. It’s probably not something you notice until you stand near it but this car is incredibly low.

Now can anyone help us by telling us what this car is? Despite our copious notes and research we are drawing blanks. 🙁

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  1. Crappy Argentinian Lamborghini, Lamborghini Almost Gave Away The License in The Mid of Their Crisis in The 90s.

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