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Gemballa GTR 650 rear wing

We looked at the stunning Gemballa GTR 650 last week, in that post we focused on the front styling of this car and commented how good it looked in matt black paint. Today we have more detailed pictures of the rear of this stunning Porsche conversion. The massive rear wing is the first thing you notice and unlike the many aftermarket rear wings this one has more of a job to do than just look pretty. It adds down force, aids with the engine cooling and improves the overall stability of the car. The wheels are also interesting in a black finish with a chrome rim and look larger than the standard Porsche rims fitted.

A few more angles of the rear spoiler where you can make out the various aero faces and vents to assist with engine cooling and provide down force. This car has a twin rear exhaust because it shifts a lot of air on full throttle.

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