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Jaguar with Bond Gadgets

When ordering your new Jaguar XK make sure you tick all of the option boxes. Aircon, leather seats, cruise control, missile launchers and automatic tracking top mounted machine gun. Its just a shame you can only get this one in green.

Traffic problems will be a thing of the past if you had one of these. Currently in Beaulie Motor Museum in Hampshire you can see the collection of old bond cars.

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Scoobie – subaru impreza with body styling and flamer kit

This Scooby has a really original colour scheme with internal plastics also painted to blend into the black and orange look. It’s not all about looks this car can really hold its own on the track with a remap and larger turbo conversion.

If you look at the exhaust you will notice a cable which powers a spark plug enabling the car to shoot flames from the exhaust when it is tuned to run rich. This ensures that you will not be tail gated. 

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TFT screens fitted in the headrest

We really like our gadgets in cars and this one boast a stunning ICE install with 3 monitors neatly mounted. 2 are located in the rear head rests and one within the dashboard itself. This is a great way to keep the kids quiet on long journeys. The other way is to take the bends as fast as you can. We have to admid though that putting on a DVD is probably the most practical solution. The front screen can double up as a sat nav screen leaving the  2 rear screens to stream matching video content. Kits are available for most cars but this is a fully fitted unit and blends seamlessly with the interior of the car.