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Custom dashboard with digital guages

How is this for interior styling? The dashboard has been retrimmed in a blue with a complimentary steering wheel. The overall colour scheme is a very easy on the eyes blue and grey.The Dash board dials have been replaced with stunning digital dials which look absolutely stunning at night. We also see the addition of a Retro nintento console to pass away the dull hours, not that you have many dull hours in a car of this calibre. The radio includes a nice pop up screen which no doubt has lots of other functions as well as doubling up as a nintendo display. This car shows the importance of careful planning, a colour scheme takes a lot of thought to get right and looks ghastly if done wrongly.

6 thoughts on “Custom dashboard with digital guages

  1. hi i have an old p 106 xn and hate the dash board! any tips on how to make a new one or where to go to get this done? cheers

  2. Hi how much would it cost for a remault 5 gt turbo front dash with dials

  3. Hey nice dash and the snez is quality! I’m doing a full boot install in fibreglass which is almost finished nxt shall be the dash n I need to no how to fit a PS3 slimline into a 8.5 TV what wiring is needed?

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