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Ford Mustang interior styling ideas


This Ford Mustang interior shows the importance of choosing a theme and keeping it simple. The Orange and cream leather interior are good strong colours that should still look good years from now (although it’s probably not to everyones taste). The next picture shows the dashboard.

Dashboard styling and custom steering wheel on a Ford Mustang.moddeduk06-waynne-243.jpg

Cream leather can be difficult to keep clean unless you have the right cleaning materials. The dashboard and all interior plastics have been retrimmed to match the colours of the seats and door cards. You can also see the LCD screen fitted in the door – more for show than practical reasons as you cannot comfortably watch it whilst sitting in the front seats!

1 thought on “Ford Mustang interior styling ideas

  1. Ihave a grabber orange mustang GTand have been thinking about detailing the inside as well ,as it is boring.What you have done looks very nice,must get a lot of attn.I have a black interior and just want to accent it with orange,chrome,satin finish.The outside of the car is orange with black accent,chrome,satin finish .would love to get orange piping on the black leather seats,and yes having orange around the arm rest,maybe a running horse emblem stiched into the headrest in orange,centerconsole orange,would have to think about what else as my car is a daily driver 6months out of the year.With 2+ feet of snow out side it rests peacefully all winter.Still have at least2-3 months of snow and mud season to figure out what I want.Mine has the intake cover from factory,CDC chin spoiler,headlight splitters,Hurst competion shifter,magnaflow exhaust,I get a lot of praise.

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