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White honda dashboard styling

This Honda dash has been painted/retrimmed in white. It is a fantastic look and rather than go for the common white dials this owner has a white surround with black dials. There is a definate Zebra colour scheme going on here but we must say it looks absolutely fantastic and is really worth the time and effort. A dash is best removed from the car and carefully prepped and sprayed. The center of the steering wheel can also be removed for painting. There is a cool plastic painting guide on TorqueCars which will give you the basics of this mod.

5 thoughts on “White honda dashboard styling

  1. i have a 1995 mazda 323 bg and im doing it up. i just wanted no if you could use a vinyl dye instead or normal car paint

  2. Which Dash board is this ? I want to fix same type of dash board and stearing in my car .how much cost it will be ? could you help me.

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