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Front bonnet hood on the Fast and Furious 2 Evo

As promised yesterday here are the pictures from the front of the Fast and Furious 2 replica Mitsubishi Lancer evolution. The front bonnet contains 3 vents. Unlike a convention Evo which has vents that are proud of the hood this one is flush and recessed. A black highlight has been added around the vents and a motorsport mesh. The car retains the clean lines of the Evo it is based on with some very subtle headlight styling. Bonnet vents are essential on such a high performance car to keep under bonnet temperatures down and thereby raise power with a cooler air charge going into the engine.

A close up of the side vent on this Fast and Furious Evo.  A silver surround with black painted insert highlight this cold air intake.

The front wing is neatly sculpted with moulded splitters. The vents in the front help to drive air towards the brakes helping to keep them cool on a spirited drive.

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