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Classic custom american pickup hotrod

If you like your cars to be different then this might be the thing for you. We have a classic American pickup hot rod with an awesome paint job. The pickup has flames over the hood and fenders. The base paint is perfect and has a nice deep shine on it. A closer inspection revealed that the paint has a metallic sparkle in it which no doubt adds to the great shine. Thanks to some trick suspension the whole body is slammed really low and even the massive wheels chosen do not fully fit the arches. The chrome never looks out of place in such a classic vehicle and the lovely chrome rims just look so right. The engine is a joy to listen to, we’d guess it was a burbly V8 but as we couldn’t see it we just have to guess from the lazy throbbing engine note.

Some more views of the front of this awesome custom masterpiece.

1 thought on “Classic custom american pickup hotrod

  1. Please send color specs of this truck with flames I love it. I am restoring a 55 chevy pickup for my son. I’ve seen nothing like this any where Thanks
    Greg Keith

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