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GTO with Dragon tribal style vinyl sticker

Following up from yesterdays stunning Supra is this awesome dragon design on the side of this Mitsubishi GTO (3000 GT in the UK). Although it is only a  monotone sticker it looks fantastic and the dark grey of the vinyl print blends nicely with the silver paint.A full bodykit has been fitted and colour coded retaining the Ferrari esque side vent, a trademark of the GTO (3000 GT). The multi spoke alloys are quite nice and almost give the car a retro feel. The rears are deeper than the fronts as per the standard setup on the car (with an engine like that your really need the traction.)

3 thoughts on “GTO with Dragon tribal style vinyl sticker

  1. coll car man you proble need to put some beter sound out the back then that would be bad later

  2. hi i work at eurospc 2000 i was the short wone thay call storks, i wood just like to say who great your car looks with all the lights i waz wondering were you got the short one from under the bonet coz i was thinking ov getting my mum one.have a great day storks.

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