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Stunning Toyota Supra with dragon and bodykit


We found this beautiful Supra out and about. The red looks pretty good, as does the awesome bodykit but every angle of the car is every bit as impressive. We love these Supra alloy wheels, the vents that have been cut into the bonnet, the roof scoop and the rear spoiler. Thankfully the bodykit is well proportioned and very professionally fitted to the car.

Front angle showing the ligths and bonnet vents along with the front bumper. The front bumper also includes a splitter and a small square number plate has been added in the centre so as to not upset this cars symmetry.

An awesome dragon has been emblazoned on the side in a very tasteful monocrhome etching style.

Why spoil the rear of the car with two exhaust pipes when you can have a twin side exit exhaust. Also note the addition of an impressive spoiler on the rear boot. Not as subtle as Toyotas standard Supra offering but very very cool.


1 thought on “Stunning Toyota Supra with dragon and bodykit

  1. It doesn’t look so great. Horrible rear spoiler, looks like its a clothes line or designed to snag every pedestrian that walks past and WTF is with the side pipes, must be redneck styling. The vinyls are pre 2000 styling, bro, get real

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