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Honda Civic styling, alloys and black stripes


When styling a car you need to look at it as a whole. Even items like alloy wheels should fit the arches nicely and blend in with the colours used on the rest of the site. This owner has gone with a 2 tone colour and used white and green. The rest of the car is based on a black and white colour scheme with the wing mirrors picking up on the green theme along with the base of the roof rack. This is not just a pretty car as the owner has resorted to extensive Civic Tuning and thrown a lot of money at the engine to make the car track day ready. Handling has also been uprated and improved.


The rear view shows how well the colour scheme has been tied in and the photo below was featured a few weeks ago when we looked at the front of this stunning looking Civic.


If you want to read up on engine mods suitable for the Civic then have a read of TorqueCars guide to Civic Tuning.

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