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Custom car sprayed art

We looked at this stunning pirates of the caribbean themed car a week ago. It is time to revisit this amazing piece of art. The photo shows the rear quarter of the car and the angle allows us to appreciate the high sheen finish.The alloy wheels have recieved a custom paint job although not quite as adventreous as the rest of the car it does help finish this Punto off nicely. The alloys are painted with a white rim and have blue spokes which blend in with the dominant background colour of blue on the rear quarter.

This stunning work was done by Geoff who is based in Chatham, Kent and for more examples of his work or to contact him see his website click here.

1 thought on “Custom car sprayed art

  1. This looks Fabulous!!! I have a 1992 Nissan 300zx that I am putting an 800 hp engine in it. My dream paint job for this ride would be a smaller version of the van in the Pepsi commercial with Warrior Woman and tigers on it. I canNOT find a still shot of it anywhere, just a blurry video. I wish someone could help me, my buddy is an artist but without a “vision”, it dont help.

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