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206cc styling bonnet and lights


Peugeot 206cc with Carbon bonnet and Audi Running Lights. We will be featuring this car over the next couple of days as it has lots of stunning styling features on it.

The car is owned by a friendly chap called Tony and he did the work himself on the car transforming this car and gradually evolving it into what you see today.

It is nice to see a move away from the dated angel eye lights and this is the first 206 we have seen with Audi LED daytime running lights. Despite the stunning appearance above, Tony is not happy with the panel fit on the bonnet and will be making futher tweaks to this in the near future.


This 206cc has some impressive lambo doors fitted with a very fluid and nicely balanced movement.

The colour was chosen by Tony and needed to be specially made up for him. No other blue would suffice. The doors, rear and interior of the car have had some sprayed art applied by Kaos.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures.




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