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Corsa B Body styling tips

Corsa B model rear styling. This project includes a full bodykit, rear light conversion and massive exhausts which have been cleverly plumbed into the boot lid. This mod loses a lot of boot space and increases heat in the car but you can’t argue that this is one of the most original Corsas around. The bodywork has been carefully smoothed creating a seamless join with the rear bumper, lights and body. This car was actually confused with a 106 especially from the front but the shape of the boot gives away its origins. It goes to show how radical this redesign has been. Thanks to all those that helped identify this car.

6 thoughts on “Corsa B Body styling tips

  1. Mental!!! found the site as i was looking for rear lights and had to take a peak…

  2. Weird thing is I really cant decide whether i love it or hate it…probs cuz i’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s different, I can say that much lol

  3. Why would you pay all that money just to make your car look terrible? It’s the stupidest car I’ve ever seen – EVER. There are no words!

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