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Orange Escort RS Turbo


Sometimes things go horribly wrong. Now this car is lowered, has a decent sounding exhaust and the paint colour is quite nice. Put them all together and it just doesn’t work. Perhaps the rear lights are letting it down, maybe there is just too much orange and the rear spoiler and a few other trim parts should be black? There is a lot to be said for photoshopping a car before we change its colour to see if the finished look will work on our car.

We also need to be brave enough to take critisism, I’m sure the owner of this escort is pleased with his car.  The dull matt finish may be the problem, I’m finding it hard to put my finger on what it is about this car that I do not like.

5 thoughts on “Orange Escort RS Turbo

  1. I would like to do one in Signal Yellow but want to use either a metallic grey or silver for decals spoiler and trim i.e wing mirrors bonnet vents etc some stripes and a silver roof may also be nice.

    I agree the orange car could benefit from a black pinstripe, bumper piping, spoiler and maybe tinted rear lights and a dark licence plate surround some subtle black stripes, trim badges and decals will define the shape properly again. Orange and yellow are very strong colours and only cars with a strong shape can pull it off in this case a little graphical definition will solve the problem.

  2. Not to bad imo. Better set of wheels (possibly in gun metal grey) and lights with some black detailing as already mentioned and it could be quite pretty.

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