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Custom twin door speaker install.

Like pretty much every car this car has a door speaker install, however this is a custom twin speaker install. Many people focus on their rear ICE install and then forget to add better speakers where they spend their time, not this lucky owner.

Not only does this modification look great, but it enhanced the sound produced by your ICE setup. A moulded plastic lower door car removes the junk collecting pocket and replaced it with a suitable mound for 2 high powered door speakers.This looks like it has been suction moulded but the owner was not around to ask – so if you know more please post in the comments box.

2 thoughts on “Custom twin door speaker install.

  1. where and who done that and how much it looks great mate, envy aint the word for your doors

  2. Do you have any advice on how to add speakers to rear door panels. For Renault Megane mk 1. Also installing tweeters or a overview diagram of the best place to put speakers in a car. Please advise – nice site

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