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Old skool Ford Anglia styling and tuning

This started out as a standard 1966 Ford Anglia 105e Super.  A car built for the masses and certainly became popular in its time. This Anglia owner, rather than going the route of restoring the car has, in true old skool style, brought the car up to date. The styling includes a smoother look with the chrome bumpers removed. A subtle bonnet vent has been introduces and the car has been resprayed in Orange.

The exhaust hints at the power on offer here with a 2litre  Sierra Cosworth block. As if a Cosworth lump wasn;t enough it has been tuned up and fitted with a stage 2 hybrid turbo and water injection system.

The cars handling has also been uprated to cope with the extra power and  parts have been taken from a Ford Capri to house Koni shocks. A Quaife  diff helps keep the traction when grip levels are lower. A full roll cage has been welded in and the car has a full modern ICE install completing the makeover of this car. It’s nice to think that this Ford Anglia out performs the best race cars of it’s day with a little modern trickery. It is also reliable and comfortable and a great track day car.

3 thoughts on “Old skool Ford Anglia styling and tuning

  1. hi guys…
    Restoring my own anglia at the moment and noticed the wing mirrors on this one, they dont look like the originals…where are they from?

  2. Fantastic brings back memories for me I had an Anglia that colour same bits as that but only difference I had black bonnet.I had wine fron 72 to 75 it was a 1964 1200 deluxe.I like that a lot well done on resteration great example.,


  3. nice car not too fond of the tinted windows but the rest is grand i have an anglia 105e 2 with 1500gt cortina engine white with gold stripe and gold roof ang wheels 2000e gearbox

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