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Ford Escort RS Cosworth


This Ford Escort cosworth replica with full ford motorsport stickers was taken at a car show in Kent. The headlights have been replaced with a dual beam single unit to allow space for a cold air feed pipe in the other headlight area. The front bumper is from a cosworth and the side skirts are from an RS2000. It would look nice with the Cosworth wide arches and proper cosworth skirts but the overall effect still looks good. The light motorport alloys set the car off much better than a metallic or black set of alloy wheels would. The body kit actually improves cornering and helps keep the car glued to the road when driven how it was intented to be driven!

4 thoughts on “Ford Escort RS Cosworth

  1. si me pudieran enseñar una foto de el motor de un ford escort cosworth wrc se lo agradeseria muchas grasias

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