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Cool Focus leather trimmed interior

Today we are looking at the interior of a very special Ford Focus, which takes the  car firmly into a show winning class of it’s own. We see excellent use of black and red leather throughout, professionally stitched. The Door speakers have been professionally installed. We like the chrome and black steering wheel, white dials and are big fans of the Carbon fibre seats. The theme is continued over the rear parcel shelf into the boot. Where we have a massive woofer installed to the left.

The awesome work on this Focus doesn’t just stop there, even the engine has had a makeover and again the red theme from the interior has been used to great effect, from the panel inserts under the bonnet to the engine highlights.

2 thoughts on “Cool Focus leather trimmed interior

  1. This cars mine, you took pics of it before it was sprayed at BHP show, as the car is now white,
    Keep em peeled for when the new interior is done.

  2. Cool! I can’t wait to see. BHP performance show is coming up fast isn’t it again this year.

    Tell us a bit more about the car, where did you get the interior done? Is it easy to look after?

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