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Debadged VW Bora Grill

Debadging is one of the simplest styling mods you can do. Removing a makers badge really hides a cars identity and only the real enthusiast can work out what car it is they are looking at. With so many similar looking cars coming from the VAG group debadging really has it’s merits. This Bora owner has a debadged grill and very smooth front bumper. Some nice spoked rims have been added along with some other subtle styling modifications.

3 thoughts on “Debadged VW Bora Grill

  1. That would be my car.glad ya like it was bit shocked to see it when i came across this.

  2. i now have 19″ rims on it and i am looking for coilovers for it at the moment

  3. Hi Shane, can you tell me which alloys these are and what size please? I have the same colour Bora and wouldnt mind getting it to look similar to this.

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