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Car to pickup truck conversion

We promised more pictures of this insane 4×4 Calibra Pickup yesterday so here they are. Our only criticism of this car to pickup conversion, and it is being very picky is the choice of rear lights. It is a shame that square conventional light clusters have been used this would look much better with lenses that curved in at the top following the line of the wing. This really does look great in orange and is a very practical but fun car to drive on the road. Removing so much of the car has resulted in a lighter vehicle so this is faster than its four seater origins.

Just to prove that this is  really a 4×4 turbo and not a rebadged wannabee here are 2 angles of the engine bay. You can see this owner is very proud of his creation and had even dressed up the engine bay.

2 thoughts on “Car to pickup truck conversion

  1. Not that mine’s in the same league but I have been working to complete my 1988 Fiat Croma turbo – pick up conversion,

    I would really like to know how the owner went about getting the log book changed, did the owner need a SVA test ? or a VIM check ?

    I’m pleased it’s possible to achieve, just need to get mine on the road,

    any info much appreciated

    Mark Smith

  2. hey, thats my pickup, those pictures were santa pod 2009 when it didnt stop raining,

    mark, it didnt need a sva or a vim check as i have not cut the chassis in any way just added to it, log book i just changed it to a 2 seater,
    ive sold it a few months ago, needed room and money with a kid on the way

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