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Creating a Matt black paint finish

Classic Ford Capri with matt black paint the 2006 Death Race Capri. Creating a matt black finish is relatively easy but the spray job can be unforgiving as you can’t smooth down rough patches afterwards. But why go with matt black paint at all?

Matt black car paint finishes are making a comeback, as is the rat look. This death race Capri photograph above shows a Skull and racing flag emblem in a semi polished black which contrasts nicely with the matt black paint of the rest of the bonnet. A matt black paint effect is relatively easy to create, after the paint application you simply do not apply a clearcote or polish (with cutting paste) and the paint will stay flat. A layer of wax will protect it although the wax will give a slight sheen to the surface. Matt paint can be hard to keep clean as the dirt seems to bond better to it.

4 thoughts on “Creating a Matt black paint finish

  1. This website is great… well done… was reading the article about the matt black finish… right now i am restoring and modifying a bit the look of a 2dr classic range rover, and the owner wants it to have a matt look. the problem is every sample i spray tested on the vehicle, the color comes a bit glossy just the same and the owner is not happy cause he wants to hide certain warpings on the sides of the vehicle. I am using an HVLP gun , but still not happy with the ending result.. roamed the www for days but without success… any ideas !!! thanks

    Mario from Malta.

  2. Don’t use a gloss car paint, you might find that a thick coat of primer, then sand the primer with a coarser grade of wet and dry and then an application of Matt finish car paint will give the look you are after. Spraying matt on a gloss will usually produce a shinyish matt which is not what you are after. Join forum and ask there – they have some sprayers in their member list and I get quite a few tips and pointers from them.

  3. Hey well my names is Pedro im sixteen and for now five years ive been working along side my father over here in Long Beach California….Well ever since i worked there ive always wanted to try to learn how to paint and do custumisin hoping that one day i can put my own Auto costum shop ….just wanna where did u guys learn how to lay the paint… how can i learn to custumise paint jobs and all the cumising?

  4. Great info. I think my matt black isnt coming out ok because of the well polished primer. I will try and lay another coat and paint over it 😀

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