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SSC Aero TT in Matt Black

This is hailed as one of the fastest production cars in the world with a theoretical top speed of 270 mph. You are viewing the Shelby Sports Cars (SSC) Aero. The latest car packs some serious cylinder power in the guise of a 6.4 Litre V8 force fed by two massive turbos. Power output runs at over 1200bhp making this a potential Veyron beater. This particular car shown off on the Museum of London/TKO stand has been completely wrapped in a matt black vinyl. This just adds to the appeal of the car making it look like some kind of stealth WMD! The side air inlet, front dam and rear spoiler all help with air flow around the car and into the engine.  We have some more pictures of this stunning car coming in the next few weeks which focus on the rear and other styling aspects of this awesome car.

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