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Matt black and white Hummer H3

We’ve seen indecisive owners before finding it difficult to make up their minds when it comes to the colour. This H3 Owner couldn’t choose between Black or white although he knew it had to have a matt finish so he went for both. This makes this an ideal car for the Scarface character from batman to drive.The wheels are the biggest we have seen yet on a street legal road car and measure a stonking 24 inches. A thin strip of rubber tyre ensures that the wheels do not foul the bodywork. It is not as if the Hummer H3 doesn’t have much of a road presence in standard form. We like the use of chrome and it blends nicely- especially against the black. In the coming weeks we hope to bring you some more photographs of this unique show stopping H3.

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  1. Hi we at TKO London now have the official largest wheels on a car. 32inch wheels made by ASANTI. it is avaliable to view at London Motor Museum, 3 Nestles Ave, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 4SB 0800 195 0777

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