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Nissan 350z body styling

The Nissan 350z is already a pretty stylish car out of the box. As the 350z has been around for a while we are starting to see some really nice bodykits on them. The one pictured above looks stunning. We like the way the twin exhaust slots nicely into the rear aerofoil vents. A side vent has been added to the rear of the wide arches and you can also make out the sideskirts. How would you improve this car then? Perhaps the rear lights would look better smoked, the colour would be nicer if it were black or red and it would also be nice to see a rear window tint or some graphics. Ok so we are being picky here and we have to admit that this car looks pretty cool.

Above we have the front view of this 350Z bodykit, the flared arches balance up with the rear, we are not a big fan of the rivets around the arches, it would not have taken a lot to smooth this in whilst the kit was being fitted. There are a pair of intakes just at the bottom of the front bumper on both sides and a wide grill.

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