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Nissan 350z Drift car

The Nissan 350z has been adopted by well sponsored drift teams and would appear to be an ideal choice of car. We guess that as these cars get older and more affordable then a lot more drifters will take them up as their drift weapon of choice.

What struck us by this example was the attention to detail in the engine bay and the way the car has been presented.

This awesome 350z was used as a drift taxi where you could buy a trip round the circuit a couple of times as a passenger whilst the driver is throwing some stunning drifts! Well worth the money – try it if you ever get the chance.

It’s great to see a properly built 350Z optimised for heavy track use, and appreciate the styling applied to it.

An interesting article on TorqueCars, for those wondering which is better out of the 350z vs 370z makes for interesting reading.

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