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Wide veilside bodykit on a Nissan 350z

This veilside bodykit on a Nissan 350z looks awesome. The kit has a distinctive long nose and squared off air intake. The wide arches fit nicely and a cold air feed can be taken from one of the 4 round vents in the bonnet. A 1 piece bumper always looks nice but it can get expensive to repair the inevitable scrapes from kerbs and speed bumps. I have seen this front bumper design modified to fit other makes of car and due to its crisp lines it lends itself nicely to some custom bodykit sculpture.

2 thoughts on “Wide veilside bodykit on a Nissan 350z

  1. With the wide fenders, did you get large spacers to bring out the wheel or what? I wanted to get a similar kit but im not sure on spacers.

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