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A cool BMW with quad bonnet vents

Underbonnet temperatures can really affect a cars performance so it is getting quite common to see vents cut into the bonnet. This can help reduce the air intake temperature and also can to a limited degree limit some front end drag on the car. These vents are flat and filled in with a black mesh and it looks really good. The green colour chosen is quite nice and grows on you. There are also the statutory sponsor stickers and other logos on the car. While we are on the subject of cooling a car, the alloy wheels in this style with large open areas will assist the brakes to cool down after a heavy track day session. Pulling back a little in the picture below we can see the green front is contrasted nicely with a blue rear end. The BMW sports a large rear wing and roof mounted vent. As with many drift cars the rear wheels are of a different design to the fronts. This wider veiw also lets us appreciate the subtly flared arches and skirt.

1 thought on “A cool BMW with quad bonnet vents

  1. I like the car and respect the BMW’s. Only thing I would change about it is to keep the same wheels on the back as the front and pull the roof scoop about another inch towards the front windshield to give it a more fitted look, a bit of separation now. Other than that looks like an amazing rally edition BMW. On my 09 Hyundai Accent I am also trying to turn into a full Rally Edition vehicle and hopefully when done soon it will look as good as this BMW.

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